A quick note of thanks, day one

Today is day one of 365 days of sharing my thanks.  We all know how important it is to be thankful, and how rewarding it can be to remember what we are thankful for.  In this first week of 2018, I am thankful for being healthy and having a healthy family that I could share happy moments with.

Specifically, I am thankful that I could go for a 5-mile run, that both of my parents could go for a walk with me on my birthday after enjoying a big meal, and that my husband, daughter, and I were able to roll around with our dog Theo–even my mom joined us for a bit!

We can easily take for granted our own health or that of our loved ones.  Life is funny in that we don’t always have control over this factor, so it is good to pause and remember how lucky we are when we do have good health.

Here’s thanks to good health!

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