a quick note of thanks, day 7

Sometimes, it is just so hard to get out of bed and exercise.  For me, I found that what works is having a gym at home so I can minimize the excuses.  I’ve never been a fast runner, actually, I’m more of a slow jogger if anything, but I have always found that I feel so much more energized after a jog, even on the treadmill.  Even better, my treadmill has cost less than membership at a fancy gym for one year, and we’ve had our treadmill for two years.

Physical activity is so important for our health so we must make an effort to prioritize it.  When excuses come-up, and they always do, find small things that can help.  This can be as small as parking further away from the entrance to the grocery store, taking the stairs, or walking around a building before entering it.

Today my thanks if for treadmills, and making physical activity more possible in our ever demanding lives.

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