A quick note of thanks, day four

Sometimes it requires a pitch black night, without city lights, without even the moonshine, to find the stars in the universe. Similarly, sometimes it requires a darkness in our lives to reach out and find our friends. Fortunately we don’t have to wait for that darkness, and our friends can be right there, before s*** hits the fan.

Today I had a wonderful chance to spend the lunch hour with a friend after a morning of administrative nonsense and stress that soured my morning. Before even starting our meal, my frustration slipped away and happiness returned. It helped also that I could vent my frustrations to my husband as I walked to my lunch. Friendship is an amazing thing!

I think friendship is one of our purposes in life, maybe even the purpose of life. Why else would we be human if not to form meaningful interactions with other humans?

Today, I am thankful for my friends!

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