Streamlining Surgeon-Performed Intraoperative Localization: A Step-by-Step Guide for IOL


Intraoperative localization is a practice-changing, patient centric simple technique that can be readily incorporated into a breast surgeon’s practice.  Most breast lesions are ultrasound visible or can have an ultrasound visible biopsy marker placed at time of diagnosis. Most surgery centers are equipped with ultrasound machines that can be easily accessible for use at time of lumpectomy. 

Refining Lumpectomy for Breast Cancer: Surgeon-Performed Intraoperative Localization and its Patient-Centric Impact


Breast cancer screening through mammography plays a key role in identifying early-stage breast cancer, with over 2/3 of women opting for lumpectomy as their surgical treatment. However, the traditional two-stage process involving preoperative tumor localization by radiology adds complexity and discomfort to patients. Surgeon-performed intraoperative ultrasound-guided localization, or IOL, is a transformative,

Dense Breasts

What does it mean to have “Dense Breasts”

Breast density is defined by the appearance of breast tissue on mammography, not how breasts feel on exam or how big they are. Dense breasts have more glandular elements and connective tissue, while less-dense breasts have more fatty tissue. On a mammogram, fatty tissue appears black,