Dear Nimmi,

I will really miss you! However this is a wonderful opportunity for you, so I am glad and proud. Great going, Gal!!

I hope you will send out informational emails when the new Integrated Cancer Institute is up an running. Nimmi, there couldn’t be a better doctor or person to head this institute. I know your leadership will lead to many positive steps for us all in the fight against Breast Cancer, so you are not really leaving us.

All the best with the move and settling into your new home and for all your endeavors. What a year 2016 will be for you!!


Dear Dr. Kapoor,

Your incredible professional care has come at a crucial time in my life. The interest you conveyed in my overall health care gave me confidence that I have not experienced in a number of years.

Thank you for your friendship and personal phone call of my test results. I wish you congratulations on your new position. I will miss you.


Dear Dr. Kapoor,

Thank you for doing a wonderful job on me and for all you do for the women you treat. I will be forever grateful!


Thanksgiving is here again and I would like to wish you a great day filled with family and love.

Because of you, we are all celebrating another Thanksgiving with my mom. We are so grateful for you and all you have done to make mom well. I truly attribute mom’s good health to you.

Mom said you will be moving on to a new office at the first of the year. I am happy and excited for you with your new position as medical director of Breastlink. I think all the new lives you will save as you continue to be the Gtreat Dr. Kapoor! You are truly our super hero! Love you so much and wish you all the success in the world. So many lives yet to be touched by you, we are so blessed to have you.