YOGA…a quick note of thanks, day 8

Yoga comes in all shapes and sizes and is known to be profoundly beneficial to all people who practice it regularly.  Yoga can be as simple as breathing exercises to help center your mind and body or as challenging as you want with major physical endurance required.  You do not need to join a gym, get fancy clothes, or even spend an hour do get the full benefit of yoga in your life.  For those of you who have “smart watches,” some will remind you and take you through a “breathe” session, which, in and of itself, is a form of yoga.

Most of us consider yoga as having a stretching component, and in general yoga entails a series of physical poses with controlled breathing.  Some forms of yoga will entail meditation and in general a phase of relaxation is also incorporated.

Yoga has been shown to reduce stress and improve fatigue, sleep, physical disorders, and overall quality of life.  A number of studies have shown a benefit of utilizing yoga in the setting of various cancers as well.

Every time I get a chance to do some yoga I always wish I practiced yoga more frequently.  Daily would actually be ideal. I have been fortunate to discover a number of guided yoga sessions on YouTube, short courses such as that by Brett Larkin are quick and easy for all levels.

This weekend I have been kind to myself and allowed some time for yoga which I am very thankful for!  I encourage you to take the time as well.

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